Wiltshire Road Closures

Wiltshire Road Closures Demystified: The Top 10 Routes You Need to Know

Navigating wiltshire road closures can be a daunting task for both locals and visitors alike. Understanding which routes are affected and how to plan around them can save you time and frustration. This guide aims to demystify the most important road closures in Wiltshire, highlighting ten key routes that you should be aware of. Whether you’re commuting, travelling for leisure, or simply running errands, knowing these closures will help you plan your journeys more efficiently.

Wiltshire Road Closures on the A350

The A350 is a vital north-south route through Wiltshire, connecting towns such as Chippenham, Melksham, and Trowbridge. Recent roadworks near the M4 junction have caused intermittent closures affecting both northbound and southbound traffic. Alternative routes include using the A4 or local diversions through Corsham and Devizes.

Wiltshire Road Closures on the M4 Motorway

As a major artery linking London to South Wales, any closures on the M4 can have significant regional impacts. Ongoing maintenance and occasional accidents can lead to closures between Junctions 14 (Hungerford) and 17 (Chippenham). Stay updated with Highways England for real-time information on diversions and expected delays.

Wiltshire Road Closures on the A338

Connecting Wiltshire to neighbouring counties, the A338 has seen closures due to both planned maintenance and unexpected incidents. Notable closures occur near Burbage and where the A338 intersects with the A346. Plan alternate routes via the A342 or local diversions through Pewsey.

Wiltshire Road Closures on the A303

Traversing the southern edge of Wiltshire, the A303 is crucial for east-west travel. Closures around Stonehenge, where the A303 becomes a single carriageway, are common due to archaeological digs and road improvements. Use the A36 or A350 as alternatives during closures.


Running from Swindon to Cirencester, the A419 experiences closures near Blunsdon and at junctions with the M4. Alternative routes include the A420 through Shrivenham or local diversions through Highworth.


Linking Bath to Salisbury via Warminster, the A36 occasionally faces closures near Beckington and Codford. Check for closures affecting Stonehenge and Warminster bypass, and plan detours via the A350 or A361.


Connecting Salisbury to Marlborough, the A345 has closures near Amesbury and where it intersects with the A303. Utilise the A360 or local diversions through Larkhill during closures.


Running from Bristol to Swindon, the A420 experiences closures near Marshfield and where it intersects with the M4. Alternative routes include the A46 through Acton Turville or local diversions through Chippenham.


Traversing from Swindon to Taunton, the A361 faces closures near Devizes and at junctions with the A350. Plan alternate routes via the A4 or local diversions through Calne.


Connecting Bath to Stroud, the A46 has closures near Dyrham and at junctions with the M4. Use the A420 or local diversions through Castle Combe during closures.


Navigating wiltshire road closures demands awareness and proactive planning. By familiarising yourself with these ten key routes and their potential closures, you can minimise disruptions to your travel plans. Stay informed through official channels like Highways England and local traffic reports to ensure smooth journeys across the county.


1. How often do Wiltshire road closures occur?

Road closures in Wiltshire can occur regularly due to planned maintenance, accidents, or unexpected events. It’s advisable to check traffic updates before starting your journey.

2. Where can I find real-time information on Wiltshire road closures?

Highways England provides up-to-date information on major road closures in Wiltshire and throughout the UK. Local news websites and social media channels also offer timely updates.

3. Are there alternative routes available during Wiltshire road closures?

Yes, there are usually alternative routes and diversions marked during Wiltshire road closures. Pay attention to diversion signs and follow recommended routes to avoid getting lost.

4. How can Wiltshire road closures affect my travel time?

Depending on the location and duration of closures, your travel time in Wiltshire could be significantly affected. It’s wise to factor in potential delays and plan alternative routes in advance.

5. What should I do if I encounter Wiltshire road closures without prior notice?

If you encounter a Wiltshire road closure unexpectedly, follow diversion signs or use a GPS navigation system to find an alternative route. Be patient and drive safely in unfamiliar areas.


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