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Roadworks Somerset: Essential Guide to Smoothly Navigating 10 Major Projects

Navigating through Somerset’s scenic landscapes often comes with the occasional challenge of encountering roadworks. While these projects aim to improve infrastructure and enhance travel experiences in the long run, they can cause significant disruptions to daily commutes. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the 10 major roadworks projects in Somerset, offering tips on how to navigate them effectively and minimize inconvenience.

Roadworks Somerset: A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Improvement

The A303 Sparkford to Ilchester improvement is one of the most significant projects currently underway in Somerset. This stretch of road is notorious for congestion and delays, particularly during peak hours. The project involves widening the road to create a dual carriageway, which is expected to ease traffic flow significantly. Motorists are advised to use alternative routes such as the A358 and the A30 during peak construction times to avoid delays.

Roadworks Somerset: M5 Junction 25 Upgrade

The M5 Junction 25 upgrade is another major project aimed at enhancing the connectivity around Taunton. This project includes the construction of a new junction and improvements to the existing roundabout to facilitate better traffic management. While construction is ongoing, commuters should anticipate lane closures and reduced speed limits. It is recommended to use local roads or plan journeys during off-peak hours to reduce the impact on travel times.

Roadworks Somerset: A38 Bridgwater Road Widening

The A38 Bridgwater Road widening project is essential for accommodating the increasing traffic volumes in the area. The project involves expanding the road to four lanes and upgrading pedestrian and cycling paths. While these improvements promise long-term benefits, temporary road closures and diversions are in place. Commuters should stay updated with Somerset County Council’s roadworks notifications for real-time information.

Roadworks Somerset: A39 Quantock Road Resurfacing

Resurfacing work on the A39 Quantock Road aims to address the wear and tear caused by heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions. This project, while necessary for road safety, has resulted in partial road closures and diversions. Motorists traveling between Bridgwater and Minehead should consider using the A38 and B3190 as alternative routes to avoid delays.

Roadworks Somerset: Taunton Town Centre Enhancements

Taunton’s town center is undergoing significant enhancements to improve pedestrian accessibility and traffic flow. This project includes the creation of new pedestrian zones, upgraded crossings, and improved road surfaces. During the construction phase, expect road closures and restricted vehicle access in certain areas. Utilizing park-and-ride services and alternative routes is highly recommended for those traveling into the town center.

Roadworks Somerset: A358 Henlade Bypass Construction

The A358 Henlade Bypass construction is a vital project aimed at reducing congestion in the village of Henlade and improving connectivity to the M5. This bypass will provide a direct route for through traffic, alleviating pressure on local roads. While construction is underway, temporary traffic lights and road closures may cause delays. Commuters are encouraged to use the A303 or A30 as alternative routes.

Roadworks Somerset: B3130 Barrow Gurney Road Improvements

Improvements on the B3130 Barrow Gurney Road are focused on enhancing safety and reducing congestion. The project includes road widening, the installation of new traffic signals, and the construction of pedestrian crossings. During the construction period, expect intermittent road closures and diversions. Regular updates from Somerset County Council will help commuters stay informed about the project’s progress and any changes to traffic management.

Roadworks Somerset: Mendip Hills A371 Roadworks

The A371 in the Mendip Hills is undergoing significant roadworks to improve safety and road conditions. This project involves resurfacing, drainage improvements, and the installation of safety barriers. The scenic route is popular among tourists, so delays can be particularly frustrating. Motorists should plan their journeys ahead and consider alternative routes like the A37 and A38 during peak construction times.

Roadworks Somerset: Glastonbury Road Junction Improvements

Junction improvements on Glastonbury Road are aimed at enhancing traffic flow and safety at key intersections. The project includes the installation of new traffic signals and road markings. These changes will improve the overall efficiency of the junctions but will cause temporary lane closures and traffic management measures. Commuters should anticipate delays and plan for extra travel time.

Roadworks Somerset: Weston-super-Mare Seafront Enhancements

Enhancements to the Weston-super-Mare seafront are focused on improving the aesthetic appeal and accessibility of the area. This project includes upgrading the promenade, enhancing pedestrian pathways, and improving road surfaces. During the construction period, expect road closures and diversions along the seafront. Visitors and local residents should use alternative routes and be prepared for temporary changes to parking availability.


Roadworks Somerset, while temporarily inconvenient, are essential for maintaining and improving the region’s infrastructure. By staying informed about the major projects and planning alternative routes, commuters can minimize disruptions to their daily routines. Regular updates from Somerset County Council and local news sources are invaluable for navigating these roadworks efficiently. Patience and proactive planning will ensure that the long-term benefits of these improvements are realized with minimal impact on your daily commute.


Q1. How can I stay updated on the latest roadworks in Somerset?

You can stay updated by checking the Somerset County Council’s official website and subscribing to their roadworks notifications. Local news sources and social media channels also provide timely updates on major projects.

Q2. What are the best alternative routes during the A303 Sparkford to Ilchester improvement project?

Alternative routes include the A358 and the A30. These roads can help you avoid the congestion and delays associated with the A303 roadworks.

Q3. How long is the M5 Junction 25 upgrade expected to take?

The M5 Junction 25 upgrade is scheduled for completion by the end of 2024. However, this timeline is subject to change based on weather conditions and project progress.

Q4. Are there any specific times when roadworks are less likely to cause delays?

Roadworks typically cause fewer delays during off-peak hours, early mornings, and late evenings. Planning your journeys during these times can help you avoid significant traffic disruptions.

Q5. What should I do if I encounter unexpected road closures due to roadworks in Somerset?

If you encounter unexpected road closures, use navigation apps that provide real-time traffic updates and suggest alternative routes. It’s also helpful to keep a map of local roads and familiarize yourself with different ways to reach your destination.





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