Road Closures North Yorkshire

Road Closures North Yorkshire: Breaking News on 10 Major Routes

Amidst the bustling landscape of North Yorkshire, the phrase “Road Closures North Yorkshire” casts a shadow of inconvenience and challenge for commuters and travellers alike. As essential maintenance, unforeseen incidents, and ongoing construction projects disrupt the flow of traffic on major routes, staying informed becomes paramount. In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of the ten significant road closures currently affecting North Yorkshire, offering insights and recommendations to navigate these disruptions effectively.

Road Closures North Yorkshire on A1(M): Essential Maintenance Work

The vital A1(M) route traversing North Yorkshire is currently subject to essential maintenance work, causing disruptions and closures between junctions 50 and 51. This maintenance work is crucial for ensuring the safety and functionality of this major highway. Commuters and travellers relying on the A1(M) are advised to plan their journeys carefully, taking into account the temporary closures and diversions in place.

Road Closures North Yorkshire on A64: Delays Due to Collision

The A64, a key arterial route connecting York and Scarborough, is experiencing delays and partial closures due to a recent collision. Travellers navigating this route should anticipate delays and consider alternative routes to minimise disruptions to their journeys. The safety of road users is paramount, and measures are being taken to manage traffic flow and facilitate repairs.

Road Closures North Yorkshire on A19: Bridge Repairs

Bridge repairs on the A19, a major thoroughfare linking Thirsk and York, have necessitated lane closures and reduced speed limits. These closures are essential for ensuring the structural integrity of the bridge and the safety of motorists. Travellers should plan their routes accordingly, allowing for extra time to accommodate delays and following diversion signs where necessary.

Road Closures North Yorkshire on A171: Landslide Alert

A landslide near Whitby has prompted the closure of sections of the A171, a scenic route winding through North Yorkshire’s picturesque landscapes. The safety of travellers is paramount, and authorities have closed affected sections to mitigate the risk of accidents. Those planning to travel along the A171 should stay updated on road conditions and consider alternative routes to their destinations.

A59: Flood Damage

Flood damage has rendered parts of the A59 impassable. Local authorities are working to repair the road, but travellers should seek alternative routes to avoid disruption.

A684: Maintenance Works

Scheduled maintenance works on the A684 are causing lane closures and temporary traffic lights. Factor in additional travel time if your journey includes this route.

A165: Coastal Route Closure

Sections of the scenic A165 coastal route are closed due to ongoing construction works. Plan alternative routes to explore Yorkshire’s picturesque coastline without interruption.

A629: Utility Works

Utility works on the A629 are causing lane closures and temporary traffic management measures. Be prepared for delays and follow signage for alternative routes.

A170: Bridge Replacement

A bridge replacement project on the A170 has resulted in closures and diversions. Plan your journey ahead to navigate around this construction site smoothly.

A172: Road Widening Project

A road widening project on the A172 is underway, leading to lane closures and speed restrictions. Stay updated on progress and adjust your travel plans accordingly.


Navigating the maze of “Road Closures North Yorkshire” demands vigilance, adaptability, and strategic planning. As we conclude this guide, remember that awareness is your greatest ally in mitigating the impact of these closures on your journeys. Stay informed, explore alternative routes, and remain patient as authorities work tirelessly to restore normalcy to North Yorkshire’s roads.


1. How long do “Road Closures North Yorkshire” typically last?

Closure durations vary based on factors such as maintenance complexity and weather conditions. Refer to official updates for accurate information.

2. Are there designated detours for “Road Closures North Yorkshire”?

Yes, local authorities provide diversion routes to help motorists navigate around closed sections. Follow signage and official recommendations for detours.

3. Can I receive notifications about “Road Closures North Yorkshire” in advance?

Utilise traffic management apps and local authority websites to receive alerts and updates regarding upcoming road closures in North Yorkshire.

4. Are emergency services accessible during “Road Closures North Yorkshire”?

Emergency services remain operational to assist motorists in distress during road closures. Keep emergency contact numbers handy for prompt assistance.

5. How can I contribute to smoother traffic flow during “Road Closures North Yorkshire”?

Stay informed, plan alternative routes in advance, and adhere to traffic regulations to minimise congestion and ensure safety for all road users during closures.


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