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Fatt Pundit Covent Garden Menu: 10 Irresistible Delights to Try Today

Located in the heart of Covent Garden, Fatt Pundit Covent Garden blends the flavors of Indian and Chinese cuisines into a delightful fusion experience. This article explores ten irresistible dishes from their menu that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Fatt Pundit Covent Garden: Hakka Chilli Paneer

Fatt Pundit Covent Garden: The Hakka Chilli Paneer at this renowned Covent Garden eatery combines tender paneer with vibrant bell peppers and a spicy, tangy sauce. This Indo-Chinese favorite is a perfect balance of heat and flavor, ideal for those who enjoy a kick in their appetizers.

Exploring Fatt Pundit Covent Garden: Kolkata Puchka

The Kolkata Puchka at this iconic restaurant offers a burst of flavors in each bite. These crispy, hollow spheres are filled with tangy tamarind water, spiced potatoes, and chickpeas, making them a must-try street food delight.

Fatt Pundit Covent Garden Menu: Schezwan Fried Rice

For a satisfying main course, the Schezwan Fried Rice on the menu at Fatt Pundit-Covent Garden is a popular choice. Packed with vegetables and tossed in spicy Schezwan sauce, this dish delivers a fiery punch that pairs perfectly with any curry or stir-fry.

Discovering Fatt Pundit Covent Garden: Chilli Chicken

The Chilli Chicken at Fatt Pundit-Covent Garden is a crowd-pleaser with its crispy fried chicken tossed in a zesty chili sauce. This dish is known for its bold flavors and tender meat, making it an excellent option for both appetizers and main courses.

Fatt Pundit Covent Garden: Bombay Bhel

A refreshing snack, the Bombay Bhel at this Covent Garden gem combines crunchy puffed rice with diced vegetables, tangy tamarind chutney, and a hint of spice. It’s a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a light and flavorful bite.

Inside Fatt Pundit Covent Garden: Manchow Soup

The Manchow Soup at Fatt Pundit-Covent Garden is a comforting bowl of goodness, featuring a rich broth filled with vegetables, noodles, and a hint of garlic. This hearty soup is perfect for warming up on a chilly day in Covent Garden.

Fatt Pundit Covent Garden: Chicken Hakka Noodles

The Chicken Hakka Noodles at this celebrated eatery are stir-fried to perfection with tender chicken, crisp vegetables, and aromatic spices. This dish offers a delightful blend of textures and flavors that will satisfy any noodle lover.

Fatt Pundit Covent Garden: Prawn Crackers

As a classic accompaniment, the Prawn Crackers at Fatt Pundit-Covent Garden are light and crispy, served with a side of sweet and spicy dipping sauce. These addictive snacks are perfect for nibbling on while exploring the menu.

Fatt Pundit Covent Garden: Indo-Chinese Thali

For a taste of everything, the Indo-Chinese Thali at this Covent Garden hotspot offers a selection of curries, rice, bread, and sides. This traditional platter allows diners to sample a variety of flavors and textures in one satisfying meal.

Unveiling Fatt Pundit Covent Garden: Gulab Jamun

To conclude your meal on a sweet note, indulge in the Gulab Jamun at Fatt Pundit-Covent Garden. These deep-fried milk dumplings soaked in cardamom-infused sugar syrup are a decadent dessert that captures the essence of Indian sweets.


Fatt Pundit Covent Garden’s menu is a culinary journey that seamlessly blends the bold spices of India with the savory flavors of China. Each dish offers a unique experience, showcasing the creativity and expertise of the chefs behind this popular restaurant. Whether you’re a fan of spicy appetizers, hearty mains, or indulgent desserts, Fatt Pundit-Covent Garden promises to deliver an unforgettable dining experience in the vibrant setting of Covent Garden.


Q1. What are some popular dishes at the restaurant?

The restaurant is known for its fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisines. Popular dishes include Hakka Chilli Paneer, Kolkata Puchka, and Chilli Chicken.

Q2. Does the restaurant offer vegetarian options?

Yes, there are several vegetarian dishes available, such as Schezwan Fried Rice, Bombay Bhel, and various vegetable-based curries.

Q3. Is it necessary to make a reservation?

Reservations are recommended, especially during peak hours, to ensure a table. You can make reservations through their official website or by phone.

Q4. What are the operating hours of the restaurant?

The restaurant typically opens from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM daily. It’s advisable to check their website for any changes in opening hours.

Q5. Does the restaurant offer takeaway or delivery services?

Yes, takeaway and delivery services are available. You can place your order online or through popular food delivery apps for convenience.


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