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Coco Gauff: Top 10 Unforgettable Moments in Her Career

Coco Gauff has taken the tennis world by storm with her exceptional talent, determination, and poise beyond her years. Bursting onto the scene as a teenager, she has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with on the WTA tour. This article delves into the top 10 unforgettable moments in Coco Gauff’s career, showcasing the highlights that have defined her journey so far.

Wimbledon 2019: The Breakthrough

In 2019, Coco Gauff made history at Wimbledon by becoming the youngest player to qualify for the main draw. At just 15 years old, she faced her idol, Venus Williams, in the first round. Gauff stunned the tennis world with her poise and skill, defeating Williams in straight sets. This victory marked her as a rising star and set the tone for her career.

US Open 2019: Third Round Showdown

Later in 2019, Coco Gauff captivated audiences at the US Open. After a thrilling run, she faced Naomi Osaka in the third round. Although Gauff lost the match, her performance was commendable, and she handled the defeat with grace. The post-match moment where Osaka invited Gauff to share the interview spotlight remains one of the most touching displays of sportsmanship in tennis.

First WTA Title: Linz Open 2019

Coco Gauff clinched her first WTA title at the Linz Open in Austria in October 2019. She defeated Jelena Ostapenko in the final, becoming the youngest American to win a WTA title since 1991. This victory not only proved her potential but also boosted her confidence as she continued to climb the rankings.

Australian Open 2020: Defeating Venus Again

At the 2020 Australian Open, Coco Gauff once again faced Venus Williams in the first round. In a repeat of their Wimbledon encounter, Gauff emerged victorious. She continued her impressive run by defeating defending champion Naomi Osaka in the third round, showcasing her ability to compete with the best in the world.

French Open 2021: Quarterfinal Finish

Coco Gauff’s performance at the 2021 French Open was another highlight of her career. She reached her first Grand Slam quarterfinal, defeating Ons Jabeur and Jennifer Brady along the way. Although she lost to eventual champion Barbora Krejčíková, Gauff’s powerful play on clay demonstrated her versatility and potential on all surfaces.

Charleston Open 2021: First WTA 1000 Final

In 2021, Coco Gauff reached her first WTA 1000 final at the Charleston Open. She showcased her resilience and skill, defeating several top players, including World No. 4 Aryna Sabalenka. Although she fell to Astra Sharma in the final, this tournament highlighted Gauff’s ability to compete at the highest levels of the sport.

Miami Open 2022: Semifinal Berth

The Miami Open 2022 saw Coco Gauff make a deep run, reaching the semifinals of a WTA 1000 event for the first time. Her victories over seasoned players such as Anastasija Sevastova and Victoria Azarenka were testament to her growing maturity and tactical acumen on the court.

Billie Jean King Cup 2022: Leading Team USA

Coco Gauff played a crucial role in leading Team USA to victory in the Billie Jean King Cup in 2022. Her performances in the singles and doubles matches were instrumental in securing the title for her team. This experience not only added another accolade to her career but also underscored her ability to perform under pressure.

Tokyo Olympics 2021: Representing the USA

Representing the United States at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics was a proud moment for Coco Gauff. Although her participation was cut short due to a positive COVID-19 test, her selection for the Olympic team at such a young age was a significant achievement. It highlighted her status as one of the leading figures in American tennis.

Reaching World No. 4 in 2023

In 2023, Coco Gauff achieved a career milestone by reaching the World No. 4 ranking. This accomplishment was a testament to her consistent performances and hard work over the years. As she continues to climb the rankings, Gauff remains a formidable presence in women’s tennis.


Coco Gauff’s career has been marked by a series of unforgettable moments that have defined her as one of the brightest young stars in tennis. From her breakthrough at Wimbledon to her rise in the rankings, Gauff’s journey is a testament to her talent, determination, and sportsmanship. As she continues to evolve and achieve new milestones, the tennis world eagerly anticipates the next chapter in her remarkable career.


Q1. How old was she when she first gained widespread attention?

She first gained widespread attention at the age of 15 during Wimbledon 2019, where she defeated Venus Williams in the first round.

Q2. What is her highest career ranking?

As of 2023, her highest career ranking is World No. 4.

Q3. Which Grand Slam quarterfinal did she reach for the first time?

She reached her first Grand Slam quarterfinal at the 2021 French Open.

Q4. How did she perform at the 2020 Australian Open?

At the 2020 Australian Open, she defeated Venus Williams in the first round and Naomi Osaka in the third round before being defeated in the fourth round.

Q5. What was her first WTA title?

Her first WTA title was at the Linz Open in Austria in October 2019.



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