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Celtics Schedule 2024: Top 10 Must-Watch Games for Fans

The Boston Celtics are gearing up for another thrilling NBA season, and the 2024 schedule is packed with high-stakes matchups, intense rivalries, and games that could shape the course of the team’s journey to the playoffs. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, certain games on the Celtics schedule stand out as must-watch events. In this article, we break down the top 10 games that you won’t want to miss this season, highlighting key storylines, players to watch, and why these games are crucial for the Celtics’ success.

Celtics Schedule: Opening Night Against the Lakers

The Celtics’ opening night game against the Los Angeles Lakers is a classic rivalry that transcends generations. This marquee matchup promises high-energy basketball and a packed TD Garden. Both teams are perennial contenders, and this game could set the tone for the rest of the season. Look for stars like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown to lead the charge.

Celtics Schedule: Christmas Day Clash with the Warriors

The Christmas Day game against the Golden State Warriors is a holiday tradition that never disappoints. The Celtics and Warriors have a history of delivering exciting games, and this one is no exception. With Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on the opposing side, the Celtics will need their best defense and scoring to secure a win. This game is a must-watch for its star power and holiday spirit.

Celtics Schedule: Showdown with the Bucks

When the Celtics face the Milwaukee Bucks, it’s a battle of Eastern Conference heavyweights. Giannis Antetokounmpo is a force to be reckoned with, and the Celtics will need to bring their A-game to contain him. This matchup is crucial for playoff positioning, as these teams are expected to be at the top of the standings. Expect a physical, intense game with playoff-like energy.

Celtics Schedule: The Return of the Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have undergone significant changes, but they remain a formidable opponent. The Celtics-schedule includes a game against the Nets that will test their defensive prowess. With players like Ben Simmons and Mikal Bridges leading the Nets, the Celtics will need to stay focused and aggressive. This game is a chance to assert dominance in the division.

Celtics Schedule: Faceoff with the Heat

The Miami Heat are always a tough opponent, especially with their gritty style of play. The Celtics-schedule features a game against the Heat that will require them to match their intensity. This matchup could be a preview of a potential playoff series, making it even more compelling. Watch for the Celtics’ defense to be a key factor in securing a win.

Celtics Schedule: Battle with the 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are another Eastern Conference powerhouse, and their games against the Celtics are always intense. With Joel Embiid leading the 76ers, the Celtics will need their frontcourt to step up. This game is a test of the Celtics’ ability to compete with the best in the East. Expect a physical game with a lot of emotion on both sides.

Celtics Schedule: Duel with the Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks, led by Luka Doncic, are a dynamic team that poses a unique challenge for the Celtics. The Celtics-schedule includes a game against the Mavericks that will test their perimeter defense and ability to contain Doncic’s playmaking. This game is an opportunity to see how the Celtics matchup against one of the West’s rising stars.

Celtics Schedule: Clash with the Suns

The Phoenix Suns have a high-octane offense, and the Celtics will need to bring their best defense to contain them. With Kevin Durant and Devin Booker on the other side, this game promises plenty of scoring and excitement. The Celtics-schedule has this game marked as a key interconference matchup that will test their versatility and adaptability.

Celtics Schedule: Rematch with the Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets, the reigning NBA champions, are a formidable opponent. The Celtics schedule includes a rematch with the Nuggets that could serve as a measuring stick for their progress. Nikola Jokic is a unique talent, and the Celtics will need to find ways to limit his impact. This game is a great opportunity for the Celtics to prove they can compete with the best.

Celtics Schedule: Final Regular Season Game

The final game on the Celtics-schedule is always an exciting event, as it often has playoff implications. This season, the Celtics close out the regular season with a game against a conference rival, setting the stage for an intense and potentially crucial matchup. Fans will be watching closely to see if the Celtics can secure a strong playoff position heading into the postseason.


The Celtics schedule for 2024 is filled with exciting games and intense rivalries. From opening night to the final regular season game, there are plenty of must-watch matchups that will keep fans on the edge of their seats. Whether it’s a classic rivalry, a battle with a conference contender, or a rematch with the reigning champions, each game offers a unique story and the potential for memorable moments. As the Celtics navigate their schedule, these top 10 games are sure to provide plenty of drama and excitement.


Q1: When does the 2024 NBA season start for the Boston Celtics?

The Boston Celtics begin their 2024 NBA season in late October, kicking off with a high-profile game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Q2: How many games are in the Boston Celtics’ regular season?

The regular season for the Boston Celtics consists of 82 games, providing a balance of home and away matchups throughout the season.

Q3: Which games are the most anticipated for Celtics fans in 2024?

Some of the most anticipated games include the opening night clash with the Lakers, the Christmas Day matchup with the Warriors, and key showdowns against rivals like the Bucks and the Heat.

Q4: How can fans watch Boston Celtics games in 2024?

Fans can watch the games on various platforms, including national TV networks such as ESPN and TNT, local broadcasts in the Boston area, and online through NBA League Pass or other streaming services.

Q5: What should fans look out for during the Boston Celtics’ 2024 season?

Fans should keep an eye on crucial games against top Eastern Conference teams, new player additions or trades, and how the team adapts to any injuries or changes in the roster. Additionally, monitoring the progress of key players like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown will provide insights into the team’s performance.


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