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A34 Road Closure: Top 10 Best Alternate Routes to Use

The A34 is a crucial route for many commuters, connecting various towns and cities and facilitating the flow of traffic across the region. However, the recent announcement of the A34 road closure has left many drivers scrambling for alternate routes to maintain their daily routines. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or traveling for leisure, finding the best alternative routes is essential to avoid congestion and delays. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 alternate routes to use during the A34 road closure, helping you navigate the disruption with minimal inconvenience.

Using the M40 Motorway

One of the most efficient alternatives during the A34 road closure is the M40 motorway. This major route connects London to Birmingham, providing a smooth and fast option for long-distance travel. Drivers heading north or south can benefit from the M40’s extensive reach, avoiding the congested areas affected by the closure. The motorway’s well-maintained lanes and regular service stations make it a reliable choice for bypassing the A34.

The A43 Route

The A43 is another excellent alternative for avoiding the A34 road closure. This road runs from Northampton to Oxford, offering a convenient bypass for travelers. The A43 is well-suited for those heading towards destinations in the East Midlands or the South East. Additionally, it intersects with major motorways like the M1 and M40, providing further connectivity and flexibility in your travel plans.

Taking the A40

For those traveling between London and Oxford, the A40 is a viable option during the A34 road closure. The A40 runs parallel to the A34 for a significant portion, making it a logical alternative for drivers looking to avoid the closed sections. This route is particularly useful for local traffic and offers scenic views of the countryside, adding a pleasant touch to your journey.

Navigating via the A339

The A339 provides a useful detour around the A34 road closure, especially for travelers in the Newbury and Basingstoke areas. This route connects these towns and offers a straightforward path for avoiding the closed sections of the A34. The A339 is a less congested road, making it a quicker option for local commuters who need to bypass the closure.

Utilizing the A31

The A31 is a strategic alternative for those affected by the A34 road closure, particularly for those traveling towards Winchester and Guildford. This route runs parallel to the south of the A34 and intersects with major motorways like the M3, providing a seamless transition for long-distance travel. The A31’s connection to the South Coast makes it a valuable route for reaching coastal destinations without significant delays.

The A417 Option

The A417 offers another effective detour around the A34 road closure, linking Gloucestershire to Oxfordshire. This route is ideal for travelers heading towards the Cotswolds or further into the West Country. The A417’s scenic landscapes and well-maintained roads provide a pleasant and efficient alternative for bypassing the congested areas impacted by the closure.

Following the A338

The A338 is a useful route for drivers looking to navigate around the A34 road closure, especially those traveling between Salisbury and Hungerford. This road runs north-south and provides a direct link to the M4 motorway, ensuring a smooth transition for long-distance journeys. The A338’s accessibility to various towns and villages makes it a practical choice for local and regional travel.

The B4009 Bypass

For a more localized alternative, the B4009 offers a viable detour around the A34 road closure. This road connects several small towns and villages in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, providing a less congested route for local commuters. The B4009 is particularly useful for short-distance travel, helping drivers avoid the busiest sections of the A34 and reach their destinations with minimal delays.

Exploring the A4

The A4 is a historical route that remains a vital road for travelers during the A34 road closure. Running from London to Bristol, the A4 passes through key towns like Reading and Bath, offering an alternative for drivers affected by the closure. The A4’s direct path and numerous access points to other major roads make it a versatile option for both long-distance and local travel.

Leveraging the A420

Lastly, the A420 provides a strategic route for those looking to avoid the A34 road closure. This road connects Oxford to Swindon, offering a direct path for travelers heading west. The A420’s connection to the M4 motorway and other major roads makes it an efficient alternative for bypassing the A34 and ensuring a smooth journey to your destination.


The A34 road closure poses a significant challenge for commuters and travelers alike. However, by exploring these top 10 alternate routes, you can navigate the disruption with ease and efficiency. Each of these routes offers unique advantages, whether you’re looking for a quick detour, a scenic drive, or a direct path to your destination. By planning ahead and staying informed about traffic conditions, you can minimize the impact of the closure and maintain your daily routines without major delays.


Q1. How long is the closure expected to last?

The exact duration varies depending on the specific section being worked on and the nature of the repairs. It’s important to check local traffic updates and official announcements for the most current information.

Q2. Will there be any public transportation alternatives?

Yes, public transportation authorities often provide additional services or modified routes to accommodate travelers affected by major road closures. Check with local bus and train services for updated schedules and routes.

Q3. Are there any tolls on the alternate routes suggested?

Most of the alternate routes mentioned, such as the M40, A43, and A31, do not have tolls. However, always check for any specific regional tolls or charges that might apply.

Q4. How can I stay updated on traffic conditions?

To stay informed about traffic conditions, you can use navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze, listen to local traffic reports on the radio, or follow official transport department updates on social media.

Q5. What should I do if I encounter unexpected road closures on my alternate route?

If you encounter unexpected road closures on your alternate route, use a navigation app to find the quickest detour. Keeping an updated map and having a few backup routes in mind can also help you navigate unforeseen disruptions efficiently.


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